In present-day economies, electronic retail caught up almost as soon as the Internet itself. At YapBuzz, we make sure that the skills we have and the services we provide are adapted to suit the ways and means of how the Internet is revolutionizing retail.


Digitization of electronic retail is about the application of rapid processes and taking customer experience to a whole new level, something a traditional approach cannot pull off. In terms of speed and precision standards set by digital tools, YapBuzz understands that digitization is the way to go. With bleeding-edge software techniques, super-paced product development, and the ubiquitousness of digital channels, few products remain outside the scope of commoditization - it is finally to customer experience quality that will differentiate your product.

The kind of differentiation we are talking about is the most competitive element of electronic retail. E-commerce giants have upped the scale, so the lesser players have to follow suit. This is where YapBuzz comes in: the aspects of customer experience we take up are wide-ranging and bound to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Think detailed error-login and error notifications; think reduced hassle of communicating and reporting for you; think superbly competitive rates!

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