The deceleration observed in energy pricing has reduced margins, creating a pressure on amping up operational efficiencies. This demands a new-age perspective on energy operations and production, and YapBuzz has just the know-how.


The benefits energy systems reap from digitization are many: increased connection, efficiency, credibility, and - most importantly - sustainability. From smart appliances and 3D printing to shared mobility, the energy sector is trying it all. At YapBuzz, we believe that digital tools enable not only topical delivery (delivery at the right time and place and at the lowest cost) but also identification of those in need of energy in the first place.

Our digitization systems and applications are tailored to maximize your energy firm’s accessibility, sustainability, and safety. Our repository of apps and software in use in the energy sector include those for firms invested in unconventional sources of energy, as well as start-up that later got funded owing in part, we would like to think, to our mobile app designed to measure renewable energy. Whether you are a policymaker, an executive, or a stakeholder in the energy sector, you cannot go wrong in choosing to collaborate with YapBuzz.

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