Our Approach

Whether your message is delivered through web pages, social media, or mobile devices, our interactive design practice helps you leverage these channels in innovative ways. Our goal is to help you increase revenue, improve efficiency, and enforce brand consistency, providing a better customer experience.

Experience Design Collaboration Options

We can help you to measure and optimize interaction with your target audience in all digital channels. With our web analytics, you will be able to create better online experiences and enforce strong relationships with your customers. We offer global delivery expertise across a broad range of functions such as:

  1. Customer-centric marketing: We show you how to change from simple web analytics to more customer-centric marketing. We can improve your brand through better search visibility and achieve customer segmentation by targeting known customer attributes, online clickstream behavior, and offline profiling.
  2. Digital marketing: search marketing - from content and search engine optimization to beating the cutthroat competition in outreach and analytics, YapBuzz has done it all and will do it all over again for you.
  3. Display advertising.
  4. E-mail, affiliate and social media marketing.
  5. Landing page optimization.
  6. Strategy consulting: enabling you to make choices that give your firm an edge over your competitors, that also not once but repeatedly.

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