Healthcare is essential. Healthcare needs to be smart. Or so YapBuzz believes, for which we have a smart medical record system - in prolific use in the West Asian world - as testimony. And that when we were just starting out.


The digitization across industries that swept the likes of payroll and accounting by storm (repetitive tasks, to be more accurate) did not fail to have an effect on healthcare. The processing of insane quantities of statistical data turned out to be the foremost requirement in the area, with the adoption of health-information technology widely following suit. This was in the mid-1990s and, of all digital services firms then and now, YapBuzz knew that this revolution was not be missed out on.

It is the solid infrastructure brought about by digitization in healthcare that YapBuzz capitalised on. Today we have highly sophisticated methodologies up our sleeve to apply the benefits of this revolution, depending on what our clients want and need; for example, intricate formulae that link symptoms to prescriptives, and other nightmares to code! No matter your requirement, YapBuzz will pull it off with surgical precision.

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