Consumer Goods

To capture value through the application of digital tools is YapBuzz’s forte.

Electronic Retail

At YapBuzz, we make sure that the skills we have and the services we provide are adapted to the dynamics of the Internet.


YapBuzz has just the know-how to apply new-age perspectives on energy operations and production.


YapBuzz takes great pleasure and pride in making your favorite icons and moments in sports a part of your everyday life.


YapBuzz takes great pride in innovating advances in the medical field, effectually improving the lives of people who need it.

Fantasy & Gaming

YapBuzz’s innovations in fantasy gaming will challenge your biggest fantasies, per se.

Social Media

The range of YapBuzz’s services in the field of social media will is both stunning and high-quality.

Media & Entertainment

YapBuzz digitizes media and entertainment in innovative ways never seen before.

Enterprise Automation

YapBuzz’s has solutions to problems that have long been considered inevitable in running an enterprise.

Banking & Financial Services

YapBuzz suggests that digitization is crucial to differentiation in terms of customer capabilities, which translates to business performance.

Enterprise Mobility

The all-important enterprise mobility is YapBuzz’s forte.

Public Sector

YapBuzz ensures that governments take note of the trillions in long-run revenue for those who go the digital way.

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