The rewards of digitizing public sector services translate to trillions of dollars in long-run revenues for governments. YapBuzz has long endeavoured to ensure that governments sit up and take note of the same, long before any of our peers have managed to get down to it.


Like most of what citizens and businesses seek, public sector information is expected to be accessible at a click or two, readily understandable, and cost next to nothing by way of time and money. YapBuzz has the know-how to make that possible - high collaboration and integration levels, productivity enhancements, services that are pooled and shared, sharpened process efficiency, and effective fraud management -- for which our state-of-the-art mobile app for the Motor Vehicles Department of one state in America stands to testify.

Present-day governments have too much on their plate to focus on capturing the complete range of benefits digitization would afford them. Why should governments fall back on ethical profiting? Deepening digital transformations - electronic government portals decked up with online services - and broadening government business itself constitute the driving force behind our public sector projects.

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