YapBuzz Delivery Software

We help businesses to grow their sales.
Our simple software interface makes possible deliveries of local products easily.

Increase Your Sales Using Our Delivery Software

YapBuzz Delivery software provides the ultimate solution for all your delivery management needs. 

  • Convenient ordering
    We provide the online ordering experience that buyers expect. Easy purchasing with flexible delivery and pickup options.
  • Subscriptions, deposits & credits
    We offer subscriptions with secure consistent cash flow without any hassle. 
  • Automated Outreach
    YapBuzz delivery system provides an automated communication process that will increase your sales.
  • Promotional capabilities
    We provide referral system, coupon features to attract new buyers and reward loyal customers. 
  • Buyer chat support
    We can setup live chat system with your customers.

Increase Your Sales Using Our Delivery Software

YapBuzz Delivery software provides the ultimate solution for all your delivery management needs. 

Convenient ordering
Subscriptions, deposits & credits
Automated outreach
Promotional capabilities
Buyer chat support

Key Features

We have multiple features available to you, below is the list of some key features most people are looking for in their online delivery system.

Customer Management

Instantly accessible and editable customers' profile and history. 

Order Management

We have features like search for orders in multiple ways, view customer order history, 

Route Management

Multiple routes and pickup points selection in an easy way.

Product Management

Each product has multiple types of settings to help our clients manage everything.

Billing Management

We implemented multiple gateways such as PayPal, etc.

Reporting & Data Management

a multi-purpose reporting system to generate any kind of report. 

Inventory Management

Inventory automatically updates with every order.

Robust Security

We provides complete solution to event securities, to ensure safety,

Communication Management

Over 30 different types of automatic email communications.

YapBuzz Delivery Software Pricing

Our fee structure divided into three main components:

Set Up Fees

$1,500 USD - This fees structure covers site design and integration, software signup, help with importing data, products, recurring orders,  subscription planning, training, etc to get your business set up.

Monthly Fees

$450 USD - This monthly fees covers all management cost, hosting, data security, maintenance the software, data recovery, bug fixing, etc to keep your website up-to-date.

Custom Feature Development Cost

If you want any extra feature in your system, we can provide that. The cost for that we can determine we know what kind of feature you want and how difficult to implement that in your software.  

Quick Comparison

Based on the cost effectiveness and features we have in our product and other popular products have:
Customizable CSA box
accessible customers' profile
Subscription plan
Membership plan
Product management
Account funds
Automatic & manual renewal
Delivery routes & pickup point
Inventory management
Automated email
Referral system
Various types of report
Coupon system
Robust security
Multiple payment methods
Multiple tax slab options
Multiple recurring frequencies
Our Product
Other Popular Products
Not every software offers
No multiple functionalities

How It Works

Find out how our software makes everything powerful yet simple and easy for you.

How to add products?

How to add products?

How to add products?

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