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Case Studies

Smart Electronic Medical Record System

The following case study presents a smart electronic medical record system that the YapBuzz team implemented for Smart EMR an electronic medical records software.

The Challenge

The lack of proper data management in a medical institution can become a pretty serious issue. The client had faced challenges to record all the medical histories of various patients. Retrieving these medical histories at the right time was also proving to be challenge. Due to the lack of a smart electronic record management system, they were facing problems with clinical decision-making. Without accurate, comprehensive up-to-date, and accessible medical records, medical personnel may not offer the best treatment or may misdiagnose a condition, which can have serious consequences.

Our Analysis

The client was looking for a system that had smart capabilities based on a patient's past medical history. They wanted the system to recommend different treatment methods as well as medications. This would help the doctors with the decision-making as to which medication would be appropriate for the patients.
Analysis Case
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We analyzed the ground requirements and expectations thoroughly.
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Based on our research, client's requirements we developed the entire project plan and defined milestones.
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We decided the right development methodology and strategies based on the nature of the project.
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We accomplished the project documentation and R&D process to begin the project at the right time.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements, we decided to develop the software as a combination of several components:
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Easy Tracking System : An easy-to-use tracking system to track all patients' past medical history, family history, lab reports,                       pathology records, radiology records.
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Managing Medical Records : This software has its unique ability to entirely manage its programmed medical cases. When                           the user loads a case, the software will provide a detailed                           medical history pertinent to the case and to be filled by the                       user. The software will  analyze the data and then guides the                     user to the next step.
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Advanced Interpretations : We developed the software to avoid any kind of medical errors.
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Printing Features : It is possible to print any saved documents, drug prescriptions, laboratory prescriptions.
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Ease of Access : The user can access patient’s records from any location without the need for a specific personal computer or                   tablet.
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Advanced search and filter system : This software is smart enough to filter any data of any patients.
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Drugs Database : A drug database is integrated into the EMR.
The advantage of using drugs present in the database is that it                 makes it possible for the software to detect drug duplications,                   interactions, indications, allergies, and side effects.
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Data Mining : All the data is encoded, making it accessible for data mining. The ease of access to the stored information                         greatly simplifies data collection allowing instantaneous                             statistics necessary for research and eventual publications.

The Results

We are happy to say that all of the ambitious project objectives were achieved and the project was accomplished within the planned project time and budget. A fully functional version of the platform was implemented together with the associated documents and records, proving that the team had followed the regulatory requirements.


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