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Case Studies

Home Health Care System

The following case study presents a medical Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that the YapBuzz team implemented for a family-owned and operated home healthcare business.
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The Challenge

The lack of quality client and provider management software in-home healthcare field has become a serious issue. The client was facing challenges in organizing all the data, lack of security of users' data, problems with tracking different providers' training, problems with ensuring all documents are up to date, tracking the entire office arrangements, etc. All this was leading to a loss of efficiency and costing the client hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Our Analysis

In-home healthcare is a very specialized branch of healthcare. Clients with various needs, need to be connected to providers who can provide a required service to that client. For each of these services, budgets are approved by the government and the in-home healthcare company has to ensure that these budgets are spent as there suppose to be. We analyzed the entire business model of the client and all their office processes to get a deeper understanding of how the entire system worked. Based on our analysis we came to the following conclusions:
Analysis Case
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We developed the entire project plan and defined milestones.
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We decided the right development methodology and strategies based on the nature of the project.
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We identified major pain points of their existing system and proposed solutions on how to solve those issues.
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We also identified various data security measures which were necessary to maintain critical data.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements, we decided to develop the website as a combination of several components:
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User-friendly CRM: We have created a very user-friendly customer relationship management software for At Home                         Advocacy.
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Secure Platform: We have developed this platform with high security where important data such as social security numbers                 are stored in an encrypted format.
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Easy Tracking System: An easy-to-use tracking system to track budgets, documents, and other necessary items for the                             clients and the providers.
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Permissible System: We have role-based authentication on this website. Users will get access as per their permission. A                             users' permission is assigned by the admin.
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Progress Notes: We have developed the progress notes section where providers update everyday task details for a                                       client.
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Notification Service: We have generated an automated notification system. If any data expired or anyone has to 
           provide their data all will be automatically notified to the users.
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Reporting System: Users can generate any kind of report according to their needs in this reporting system.
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Billing system: This software has an automated billing system.

The Results

We are happy to say that all of the ambitious project objectives were achieved and the project was accomplished in about 12 months, within the planned project budget. Fully functional version of the platform was implemented together with the associated documents and records, proving that the team had followed the regulatory requirements.


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