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Emerging eCommerce Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Capitalizing on the right trend in eCommerce will catapult your company to great heights. The learnings give one a great deal of insight into the right ways of eCommerce platform development. Statista reports that by 2022, e-commerce revenues will increase to $6.54 trillion. For online retailers, monitoring e-commerce trends is a must. If you want to drive your e-commerce brand forward and stay ahead of the competition, you need to analyze and adopt each trend. Marketers' can make their lives way easier and increase the revenue of their companies by hiring the best eCommerce website development company in USA that can assist them in keeping up with the latest trends. 1550 Therefore, the next big challenge you face is identifying the right eCommerce trend. This blog goes through top eCommerce trends that are shaping the future of this industry. Augmented Reality Will Become An Integral Part of The Service AR bridges a vital gap in the experience of eCommerce: the ability to feel a product before buying it up close and personal. This aspect was the biggest advantage over their online counterparts that physical retail stores enjoyed, one that was significant enough to override the convenience and attractive pricing of eCommerce.  This AR capability is an even more significant COVID-19-affected world in which touch-and-feel has been made a no-go by social distancing and minimizing physical contact. By employing the eCommerce website development services, you can incentivize this behavior further by investing in AR technologies that can help your customers get a feel of your product but from the safer environment of their home. Voice Assistance Can Help Voice search and assistance are really helpful when it comes to looking for a business in the commercial field. Consumers don't like wasting time when searching for a product to buy, so voice assistance makes things easier for them. These tools add just one more channel to any business looking for gaining new customers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  With the technological advances and the incredible opportunities introduced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it would be a mistake not to adopt them as part of your e-commerce tactic. As AI and ML provide merchants with a powerful tool for the personalized shopping experience, it's not surprising. Ace Customer Interactions with Smarter Chatbots The crux remains the same as we move from voice search to chatbots. Shoppers want shopping platforms to have more humane and intelligent interactions. For a long time now, chatbots have been part of eCommerce systems, but it's quite recently that they've gotten smarter. Mobile Payments and Mobile Shopping Will Continue to Rising Approximately 2 billion people use smartphones for Internet access around the world. That is about 6 times the size of the U.S. population! So it’s not surprising that 60% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile consumers. This shows the enormous impact of mobile devices on the sale of online products. That’s why eCommerce platforms are a boon for shoppers. Omnichannel Shopping Omnichannel shopping refers to the practice of offering a seamless and consistent experience across various channels and devices to shoppers. Whatever your customers choose to buy from you, it's about creating a reliable online presence. An omnichannel experience is essential because before they decide to make a purchase, clients tend to use multiple channels. 73 percent of respondents reported using multiple channels during their shopping trip in a Harvard Business Review survey. To Wrap Up Next year, eCommerce will continue to grow at a breakneck pace, and companies who want to do well need to invest in these eCommerce trends for guaranteed success in 2021. Consumers will prefer the security and convenience offered by online stores and will actively patronize stores that offer their retail counterparts' personalized experience. For a long time now the trend of eCommerce will not die; in fact, it will only rise.


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