YapBuzz has taken incomparable strides in the fields of fantasy sports with its digitization and convergence endeavours. The fact that we perceive the two to be mutually exclusive, as is done by very few of our peers, is obvious from our past projects in this area.


No one is a stranger to how much digitization has enriched video games and added to the diversity of gamers’ experience. At YapBuzz we have accomplished that in our own projects by pooling multiple elements from different technologies to put together features that give our clients’ products an edge that they just cannot acquire elsewhere. One of our fantasy gaming websites is decked up with results, updates, prices - all real-time - against a participation of 8000+ players, with money involved and an interface running smoother than anything you have ever experienced.

It is a project that captures the very essence of YapBuzz - unconventional, twisted, and extensively customised. It was your run-of-the-mill fantasy sports, converted to digitized fantasy. And if this does not impress you enough, our more common 2D gaming apps - and the way they would connect with the gamer in you should you give them a try - surely will.

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