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Our Work In Action
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YapBuzz started off as a Website and Mobile App development company focused on building the perfect product for clients all over the world. At YapBuzz, we not only care about your brand/s but also your consumers, with our focus hawkishly fixed on what they want and how we could facilitate your company to service exactly them.
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Why Should A Startup Need CRM Solution?

Before asking why businesses require a CRM system, it is critical to understand what a Customer Relationship Management system is.

In short, a CRM solution aids in the management and analysis of customer interactions and feedback, with the ultimate goal of executing better customer relationships that lead to long-term customer retention.

Why Does Your Startup Require a CRM Solution Right Now? 

crm software

The question now is whether a CRM is necessary for a new business.

Let us find out the benefits of CRM integration for a startup:

Know Your Customers and Potential Customers

CRM tools provide you with eyes and ears everywhere. They can collect information from phone calls, emails, social media, and any other source and centralize it so that everyone in the organization can see it. Data analytics tools can help you make sense of what you're seeing and spot trends and patterns that humans can't see. CRM solution providers enable you to create a detailed picture of your customers, identify high-value prospects, tailor data-driven marketing campaigns, and much more.

Personalize Your Relationship With Customers

Dashboards with information such as the customer's personal information, preferences, recent orders, order status, or customer service tickets at a glance aid in providing a personalized experience. With this information, sales representatives and support staff can be proactive in providing a personalized experience. This information can also be used to personalize marketing campaigns, which is a tried and true method of capturing the attention of customers.

See What Can't Be Seen

With all of the data that your CRM collects, you can better understand your prospects and customers and create more accurate profiles. You can predict what and when people will buy next by identifying their spending habits. This information can be used to give customers a gentle nudge, such as a text message or a notification in your app, to encourage them to make a purchase.

CRM solutions also assist you in putting those insights to use. Business leaders can use what they learn from their CRM to make informed, data-driven decisions about what to develop next or how to market it effectively.

Automate the Boring Stuff

CRM solutions are useful for more than just keeping customers happy. They also automate time-consuming or error-prone sales, marketing, and customer service tasks. As a result, your employees will be able to devote more time and energy to the customer. It also doesn't hurt that automation can eliminate minor errors that can cost you a customer.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Marketers are imaginative individuals. The last thing you want to do is burden them with tedious clerical work. Fortunately, we have computers to help us with mundane marketing tasks. CRM solutions, for example, can be used to automate web marketing campaigns, sending materials to potential customers as they arrive via their preferred channel.

Customer Service Automation

Poor customer service can have a significant negative impact on your bottom line. Customers can and will abandon you in favor of a competitor if you provide poor customer service. Poor customer service costs businesses more than $75 billion per year, according to a 2018 report. Customers stopped doing business with a particular company because they didn't feel appreciated, couldn't find answers, and were kept on hold for too long, according to the report.

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Customer service automation can assist you in improving your service quality and thus retaining more customers. Take, for example, automated chatbots. These can be used to provide customers with immediate assistance, regardless of when they require it. They can provide answers to customers, guide them to a solution for simple problems, or refer them to humans for more complex ones.


As a startup, your primary focus should be on identifying the right prospects for your products and services and then retaining those valuable customers over time. As a result, it is now an undeniable fact that CRM solution leads to lead value generation over time, gradually lowering the cost of operation in start-ups when compared to the manual storage and representation of customer and sales data.

Somnath Halder
Somnath Halder | February 15, 2022
Somnath is an expert in Digital Marketing with 3+ years of experience in SEO, Facebook leads, and Google PPC, he loves talking about content creation, SEO, and Link Building.

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