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Home Delivery Software

The following case study presents a Home Delivery Software that the YapBuzz team implemented for a Organic Product Home Delivery business.
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The Challenge

As an active CSA(Community-Supported Agriculture) delivery firm, the client was stuck with an old-fashioned CSA software that offers limited functionalities. They were facing challenges in organizing customer details, billing, routing system for delivery drivers, product management, inventory management, and communication management. Also, they had to run their manual analysis to know how well a certain item was selling. When the client wanted to offer a discount, his organization had to go into each of the customers’ accounts to do it. The client also wanted to add a customized subscription system, automated plus manual renewal features.

Our Analysis

The Client turned to YapBuzz with a vision of an innovative web-based delivery platform providing a safe space where buyers can purchase with many flexible options. It was quite a unique initiative where a huge number of customized options were requested by our client to ease their supply chain management issues. The client also required secure, redundant, updated business data.
One of the significant challenges we faced was that our client wanted a clutter free system with easy product, order, report and email management as per their business model. We have taken a bit different approaches for evaluating the requirements. We gave a distinct questionnaire for this project to understand the persona in the user research stage.
Analysis Case
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We analyzed the ground requirements and expectations thoroughly.
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We developed the entire project plan and defined milestones.
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We decided the right development methodology and strategies based on the nature of the project.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements, we decided to develop the website as a combination of several components:
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Customer Management: Instantly access a customer’s full profile and history with instant search. Edit individual orders and                           recurring items, review payment histories, issue 
           credits/adjustments, view balance, and a plethora of other                         customer-centric functions.
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Order Management: We have features like search for orders in multiple ways, view customer order history, fast admin                               ordering, override prices and cut-offs, go back in history and                     look at trends in buying, print specific order-only invoices at any               time, ability to edit order before every recurring order execute by             a customer and many more.
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Billing Management: We implemented multiple gateways such as PayPal, Moneris and a wallet system so our client can bill through             the system whenever they’d like – before delivery, after delivery,               after cut-off time, once a week on Fridays – it’s up to their choice!
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Inventory Management: Inventory goes up/down automatically based on customer ordering actions – Inventory automatically                 updates with every order. Recurring subscriptions are                                 automatically tabulated and deducted.
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Route Management: Our client have multiple routes, pickup points and home delivery options. They want to create multiple                 routes and pickup points and their customer will select at the                   sign up page as per their convenience even customer can                         change route from account section if they wish.
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Product Management: Each product has multiple types of settings to help our client control behavior – from recurring to                   single purchase. Most difficult feature was to make CSA box                       products. A CSA box contains multiple products also they are                   editable as per the availability and most interesting thing is, a                   customer also have the choice to customize the inner products               of the box.
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Reporting & Data Management: We have created a multi-purpose reporting system to generate any kind of report. Our                     client can view the most important data at any time right on the               admin panel.
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Communication Management: Over 30 different types of automatic email communications.

The Results

We are happy to say that all of the ambitious project objectives were achieved and the project was accomplished in about 12 months, within the planned project budget. Fully functional version of the platform was implemented together with the associated documents and records, proving that the team had followed the regulatory requirements.


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