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Ticket Booking App Development: Key Features and Cost Estimation

Today, almost everything has been digitalized, and it is more valuable than ever in the current situation, as it ensures not only convenience but also security, which is the need of the hour. When it comes to ticket booking, no one in today's world would willingly stand in long lines and increase their risk of contracting a virus just to get their tickets. With this comes the importance of mobile ticket booking apps. In this blog, we will be discussing in-depth the key features and cost estimation of a ticket booking app.

Features of Ticket Booking Application

The features of a ticket booking application can be divided into two groups. The first category will include features for the user interface, while the second will include features for the admin panel.

Features of User Panel

Registration and Log-In This is the most important part of any B2C app. The client can register using either their phone number or their social security number. It can provide you with important client information such as the client's name, email address, and versatile phone number. Location With the help of GPS technology, the client's location is discovered. The app displays information about nearby events and projects based on the client's location. Also Read: On-Demand Mobile Apps Services Shaping Business Rating and Review This element is explicitly for clients. Following their visit to the event, app users complete a survey and rate it. Booking The advancement process for event booking applications allows your application to send the eTicket and mTicket to the email address and mobile number separately. Downloads This feature allows customers to download tickets in addition to booking. Obtaining a physical ticket is not difficult at all. Booking History This element allows your clients to see the whole booking history. Booking Screen On the booking screen, your client can see their reservation and ticket status.

Features of Admin Panel

Interactive & Customizable Dashboard One of the most important features of the Admin board is the dashboard. It takes a thorough look at the application's presentation and grants complete control over key functions. Push Notifications It's not difficult to send customized notices and alerts to application users using this element. Booking Manager This feature keeps the administrator up to date on the current booking situation. Account Management This feature gives the administrator control over the income.
Features of Admin Panel

Vital Factors Estimating the Cost of Ticket Booking App Development

The cost of developing a transformed business mobile application is determined by a few basic factors. Picking a Platform When it comes to developing a mobile application for ticket booking, platform selection is critical. You can select a platform based on an intended interest group's area of interest. Also Read: Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Business: 7 Reasons You Need A Mobile App Today Complexity The features of an application determine its multifaceted nature. Basic features with a primary structure, for example, are qualities of a less mind-boggling application that can be created in a short amount of time. Easy Integration of Features Aside from the essential features, you might consider coordinating extra, simple features to make your app more engaging than its competitors. Time-Bound Charges When it comes to hiring mobile application engineers, their hourly rates are crucial. Duration for Accomplishing the Project A ticket booking application development company determines the cost based on the amount of time it takes to create the app.

Wrapping Up

It is fair to say that a ticket booking mobile app adds to the value of a company. You can keep customers by providing them with a convenient way to reserve seats at events they enjoy while on the go.


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