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Building A Great Web Application – The Essentials

The key to building a great web application lies in understanding the problem in question. As explained here, it helps to know whether a website would suffice your purpose or you would need to jump into the complex world of web applications. In fact, knowing which of the two is most suited to the results you want to achieve is half the work done and will ensure you save time and money in the long run. […]

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Website or Web Application – Which one is right for you?

It has become habit with consumers today to visit the website of a service one is using. You find something interesting, and the next thing you do is Google it. Does this thing have a website? Typically websites offer detailed information into your object of interest. You go from page to page within a single site, depending on how well you need to know a product or service, probably before you buy it. […]

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The Uber Solution – Simplicity Meets Functionality

When the world was going gaga over Uber, we were sitting back and taking notes. From what consumers perceived as the beacon of changing lifestyles – on-demand cab-rides – we gathered the know-how and the human resources required to replicate this feature across utilities. What Uber brought to consumers for the first time, we knew that we had to come up with a way to […]

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